Titanic hymn

Hymn for Survivors of the Titanic.

By HALL CAINE; The Great English Novelist.

[To Tune of ”God Our Help in Ages Past.”]

Lord of the everlasting hills,
God of the boundless sea,
Help us through all the shocks of fate
To keep our trust in Thee.

When nature’s unrelenting arm
Sweeps us like withes away,
Maker of man, be Thou our strength
And our eternal stay.

When blind, insensate, heartless force
Puts out our passing breath,
Make us to see Thy guiding light
In darkness and in death.

Beneath the roll of soundless waves
Our best and bravest lie;
Give us to feel their spirits live
Immortal in the sky.

We are Thy children, frail and small,
Formed of the lowly sod,
Comfort our bruised and bleeding souls,
Father and Lord and God.


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2 responses to “Titanic hymn

  1. A-K.H

    Haatajaeset, kuolemankukat.

  2. Neulekirppu



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