Tilkkuja, Quilts


Now there are two. On my old hand craft blog, Neulekirppu, I introduced the first crazyquilt– cover for my chair.
Tilkkuja osastolla tuli Neulekirppu -käsityöblogissani esiteltyä ensimmäinen sohvanpäällinen. Se sai nyt jatkoa.


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Kategoria(t): hand craft, käsityöt, photography, valokuvaus

3 responses to “Tilkkuja, Quilts

  1. A very creative way to use up your scraps of material, and they add some warm color to the room on your cold winter days. Do you sit in them and look at the bits of fabric and remember what else you made with this one or that one?

  2. You are right Sara…even kids are asking:
    do you remember mom, that I had a shirt
    of that and that…

  3. Paluuviite: Kirppu News, helmikuu 2008, February 2008 « Neulekirppu’s Weblog


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